Demokrasilerde Çare Tükenmez ~ Süleyman Demirel

Not that I’m a big fan or anything…  Growing up, my family has been on the other side of his views; and as I got older I didn’t stay as far to the left, and Demirel wasn’t as far to the right in his late years anyways; so I can appreciate him more now.

This phrase is a “classic" by Süleyman Demirel — a lifelong Anatolian, a peasant (maybe a pretended one, but the peasants identified with him anyhow), politician, head of AP (Adalet Partisi — or Justice Party), a prisoner (after the 1980 Turkish military coup), a Turkish Prime Minister, and a President of Turkey…

Demokrasilerde Çare Tükenmez”

What does Demokrasilerde Çareler Tükenmez mean?

It means: “In democracies, solutions are endless.

…and that applies to personal, political, and business life my friends. 

I find myself often quoting this timeless phrase when there is a dilemma and the situation calls for it:

In Democracies, Solutions are Endless!

Remember that!