Hakki Tatar becomes the most successful Turk in the UK…

Hakki Tatar - Most Successful Turkish Businessman in the UKThe Business Network’s “Most Successful Turks" is an awards program recognizing success, innovation and ethics across business within the UK. 

Qualifying entries were individuals and companies originally from Turkey and Northern Cyprus (Turkish Cypriots are a large community in England) doing business in England.

The winners were announced at the Awards Ceremony on 27 October 2010 at White Hall, Banqueting House. 

My friend and college classmate, Hakkı Tatar was rewarded with the “Most Successful Turkish Businessman" award.    

Winners include:

Best Turkish Investor to the UK

Most Successful Entrepreneur

Most Successful Businesswoman

Most Successful Businessman

Hakkı is the founder and Chief Executive of Pussy Cat London —a beautiful clothing line for young, hip females; representing today’s independent woman.

When Hakkı won the most successful businessman title I felt a special pride.  Our friendship dates back 25 years, to 1986.  We attended and graduated from Uludağ University, Tourism Trade Management and Hotel Administration program (aka BTIOYO) some 20 years ago.

Shortly after graduation Hakkı moved to England and I to the United States.  He did his masters degree in London, and I in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Neither of us came from money, and those were difficult years, years of most humble means. 

In those years we touched-base during my few trips to London on business.  A highlight was when we made a home-cooked meal in his humble apartment, and our other friend from college, Tarık Çandar joined us that night.  It’s a terrific memory for all three of us, we still talk about it today.  (Tarık is the CFO of Pussycat London today).

Hakkı started his entrepreneurial moves during his grad school years, selling various items and clothing in flea markets to pay for the tuition and make a living, which led the way to his Pussy Cat clothing line, now becoming a very successful online and offline enterprise.

Hakkı has earned every bit of his success, and it makes me very proud and happy to be his long time friend.

Kudos Hakkı!