How many offenses can you name in this twitter feed?

Excellent: 10 Dos and Don’ts for Brands on Twitter

Excellent advice from Jolie O’Dell on Mashable:

10 Dos and Don’ts for Brands on Twitter

Here’s the 10 Dos and Don’ts:

1. Don’t Be a Showoff

2. Don’t Use Poor Grammar or Spelling

3. Don’t Get Too Personal

I like this next one a lot as I have zero-tolerance for robots and absentee twitterers.  I previously touched upon this in two blog posts: Why Colliding Worlds on Social Media is a “No No” and also in 3 Biggest Problems with Twitter are…

4. Don’t Auto-Tweet

It’s OK to set up tweets to roll out while you’re away from your desk, but think long and hard before you automate an entire feed to stream into your Twitter account. Users can smell a bot from miles away, and the point of Twitter is to be personally engaging more than blatantly promotional. Also, this might go without saying for the tech-savvy marketers among us, but don’t automatically DM new followers; it’s seen as spam. And never DM someone your account doesn’t also follow.

5. Don’t Leave Air in the Conversation

6. Don’t Overtweet

7. Do Shout Out to Users Who Mention You

8. Do Monitor Keywords and Competitors

9. Do Make an Informative Profile

10. Do Fish Where the Fish Are

Whether you are new to twitter or have been a “twitterer" a while, this advice goes for pretty much anybody on twitter —beyond just the brands… You can read the original article here.

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